The Knight Advantage creates a win-win-win outcome for owners, tenants and investors alike

knightWhen Robert F. Knight, a certified property manager, established Knight Management in 1977, he had no idea that nearly four decades later, the company would be the longest tenured commercial real estate management firm in Maricopa County exclusively specializing in managing real estate portfolios for third-party clients.

The firm’s success stems from an unyielding commitment to its primary objective—to create real estate value through expert management—by focusing on the day-to-day demands of property management in order to optimize clients’ property performance.

“The foundation of our firm was, and is to this day, built upon high standards of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Knight, the president of Knight Management. “We realize that each of our clients is unique, and we customize our approach to achieve their individual property objectives.”

At Knight Management, the core principle is to deliver exceptional property management services for the best possible value. To accomplish this, Knight and his team take a critical perspective aimed at protecting and enhancing their clients’ assets over the long term. They recognize that these are investments for their clients, and utilize their knowledge of building operations with proprietary tools and techniques to help owners maximize their full potential.

“In fact, our firm has one single daily goal in mind: tenant retention,” Knight said.

As an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) by the Institute of Real Estate Management, they are committed to implementing industry best practices and conducting their business in a manner that is responsible and respectful of the environment. As they manage their clients’ facilities and embrace environmental sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives. Knight Management team members consult with building owners and tenants on how to evaluate and implement energy saving strategies aimed at reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

“Our core values came into play when the conventional climate control system at JDA Software’s world headquarters was in-line for an upgrade,” Knight recalled. “Through close examination as part of the facility’s annual performance analysis, it was clear that improvements in energy efficiency, and cost reductions, were achievable with the installation of a modern cooling unit. Not only could a state-of-the-art system maximize air quality and better regulate consistent building temperature, it would minimize downtime in the event of any system disruptions.”

Knight’s firm developed a customized solution to the problem and led the installation of a state-of-the-art Chillpak chilled water system. This innovative, capital improvement made an immediate impact by significantly improving energy efficiency while installing an emergency management system that minimizes both repair costs and downtime.

With 24/7 remote log-in access, Knight Management’s team continuously monitors the system to optimize the system’s performance, creating a significant impact on the building’s bottom line, while reducing energy costs by 25 percent.

And that is the essence of the Knight Advantage. By putting building owner’s objectives at the forefront of their business model, they create a win-win-win outcome for owners, tenants and investors alike.