Technology: Google Study: 70% of Mobile Searchers Call a Business Directly from Search Results

By Eric Olsen, Fasturtle

In today’s “want it now” mentality, click-to-call buttons maximize results.

Smartphones are widely available and relatively affordable, meaning consumers today are able to enjoy constant access to the Internet. This advancement in technology has made things much more convenient for users, and has also created a great opportunity for businesses. More consumers on the go are now searching for local businesses to find products or services to meet immediate needs. Businesses should be taking advantage of this, altering their online marketing strategies to include mobile app development and mobile versions of their websites.

Look around. Are the people next to you on their phones? Next time you are in line at a grocery store or at a restaurant, note how many people are connected. These people are working, searching and gathering information to make decisions at a later date. Even if they are browsing Facebook, they are being influenced.

Working with your digital marketing company to create an  effective online marketing strategy—which includes mobile websites and mobile app development—will help your business reach customers at times when they are out of the house and looking to buy. To draw these customers in, it is essential that you have an easily navigable, appealing mobile website as well as a strong search engine optimization strategy. You should also highly consider working with a firm specializing in mobile website and app development to create click-to-call buttons and actions.

According to a Google study of 3,000 mobile searchers, an astounding 70 percent hit a click-to-call button during searches to contact a local business. This number illustrates the importance of your company being mobile in 2014 and allowing your customers an easy way to purchase or request information from you, regardless of your industry. Data showed:

• Of the 3,000 individuals studied, 61 percent of those ready to make a purchase believed a click-to-call button was an essential feature.

• Those businesses that run a Google ads program often see better results when a click-to-call button is included.

• On average, businesses see an increase in their click-through rate of 8 percent.

• Approximately half of the individuals in the study stated that absence of a click-to-call button would lower their perception of the brand. Not being able to easily locate a business’s contact information leads to high levels of frustration, and can cause users to flee to competitors.

Including a click-to-call button in your online marketing strategy will help your business maximize results.

Industry-specific Numbers

Google highlighted a few specific industry results from the survey about the importance of click to call:

• Auto Parts: 62 percent of mobile searchers are “very likely” to use click to call; 57 percent would use click to call to compare pricing.

• Car Rental Information: 60 percent of mobile searchers would use click to call; 44 percent would call to make a reservation.

• Local Services: 76 percent of mobile searchers would call to make an appointment.

• Financial Services: 61 percent of mobile searchers are likely to use click to call to make changes to their bank accounts.

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