Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

By Alexis Andreopoulos

Brightside Yoga classes bring morning glory to Hotel Valley Ho

The iconic Hotel Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale recently debuted a new yoga event, the Brightside Yoga series, offering morning classes on select Sundays at 9. Guests and the public can start their day with a one-hour tranquil yoga class with instructor Veronica Clark.

“We wanted to create a super fun, chill environment where people would want to gather with their friends, experience yoga, and then vibe in a space that naturally provokes smiles and overall good feelings,” Clark says.

Guests can admire the view from the Sky Line Lounge Rooftop, and the yoga session will be followed by a poolside mimosa bar and relaxing swim session. Classes will also be accompanied by DJ Solomon, who will provide uplifting music to help with relaxation. Local juice shop Kaleidoscope will also be there to leave guests feeling refreshed and nourished.

“Classes at the Hotel Valley Ho are going to be super fun! People can expect to have a safe, fun yoga experience that they will not find at a studio,” Clark says. “Our objective it to ensure that everyone leaves the experience feeling vibrant and energized when they leave.”

As for Clark, she has had plenty of experience instructing yoga, and believes yoga really is a way to fight even the hardest times in someone’s life.

“Cardiovascular health, improved concentration, greater balance, and mental ease are physical benefits. So, I will say this, there are different levels of practicing yoga. Some students might just be interested in the physical mat practice – which is perfectly fine; that’s how I started,” she says. “But then the next level of yoga creeps in there, and all of a sudden people start to notice how the ‘breathwork’ is starting to help manage their mental chatter and anxiety and the practice is no longer just physical – it’s mental and emotional.”

Clark started instructing yoga in 2012, and thinks that Brightside Yoga is the perfect place for beginners. “My advice to someone who wants to start yoga is just to do it. Come to Brightside Yoga this Sunday or go take a studio class. But don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, or until you’re in ‘better shape.’ Those are excuses I used for a long time,” Clark says. “If you have a draw towards yoga, there is probably a reason and there is a gift waiting for you. That gift might be something life-changing or inspiring or it could be as simple as you found the practice you enjoy.”

The first class for Brightside Yoga class was held on September 23. Additional classes are scheduled for October 21 and November 8. Tickets cost $25 and include the class, a poolside mimosa or bellini, valet parking, and a 25 percent-off voucher for brunch after a class. Bring your own mat and water bottle. For more information, visit