Stuff of dreams: Airpark chiropractor invents customizable pillow for correct sleeping postures

Stuff of dreams: Airpark chiropractor invents customizable pillow for correct sleeping postures

By Kimberly Hundley

“Do you toss and turn all night long?”

“Do you sleep with your pillow folded in half at night?”

“Do you use more than one pillow at night when you sleep?”

“Do you wake up at night because you pillow is too high?”

Dr. Jason Loth, a North Scottsdale sports chiropractor, fires his questions at the camera recording the uShopTV informercial for his new creation, the Spine Align Pillow. He sounds passionate, and he is.

Two years ago, Loth wasn’t even dreaming about filming advertising videos. He was focused on solving a nagging problem—that classic inspiration for many an inventor.

After working as a sports chiropractor for more than 15 years, he was frustrated by why some patients would respond well to treatment only to come back with the same upper-back issues and headaches. “The problem was there all over again. I couldn’t get to the root of the issue, and I knew that sleep posture was having a big impact,” says Loth.

Many people sleep with a pillow that juts their head forward or upward, causing a host of issues, from migraines to arm numbness.

The doctor set about personally trying every “therapeutic” pillow he could find on the market. He tested about two dozen, and none worked well for every single body type. As a health professional who counsels his own patients to “address the underlying problem not just the symptoms,” Loth wasn’t about to let the matter rest.

He resolved to create a single adjustable pillow that would allow people of all shapes and sizes to sleep on both back and side in a correct sleeping posture that kept their cervix and spine aligned.

“I found that poor sleeping posture was one of the major contributing factors in putting stress on their spinal joints, muscles and surrounding structures,” Loth says. “Most pillows do much more harm than good … and most of the cervical orthopedic contour pillows that are designed to do this actually don’t.”

Working with a seamstress on the prototype took a couple of years, with Loth finding a comfortable adjustable material that would provide the perfect amount of torque and support. He settled on a filler of 100-percent natural shredded Dunlop latex, a rubberized material from the sap of rubber trees. Unlike Memory Foam, which is made from a petroleum product, the Dunlop doesn’t have a chemical odor and the shredded material is infinitely adjustable.

The filler is inserted into the pillow’s three chambers and may be gently shaken or massaged to customize the amount of support an individual needs. Users can also open the zippered chambers to move the internal fill from chamber to chamber.

One side of the pillow is slightly fatter, designed to support the necks of those 5-foot 7-inches and up; the other is more delicate for slighter frames, with both sloping into a gentle hollow for the head. The remaining two sides are bulkier, designed to keep the neck and head aligned in side positions. As sleepers move about in the night, they can swivel their pillows for continual support.

Loth began his marketing by selling the pillows to his patients in Scottsdale and the East Valley, many of whom have posted video testimonials on his website.

“Once people lay on it, they feel the position they should be in vs. what they have been doing,” he says. “A lot of people say, my neck pain has gone away, my headaches are gone, I sleep better. I get all kinds of positive feedback.”

It was time to ramp up production and marketing. Loth began posting testimonials on his product website, flew to Florida to record a 30-minute infomercial, which will run through the end of the year on uShopTV—a competitor to QVC that’s more affordable for entrepreneurs—and is in the process of getting the product released on Amazon any day.

“Our goal is to send a lot of our customers to Amazon to give us five-star feedback,” Loth says. “When you become a best seller on Amazon, you come up on the front pages and get more exposure.”

The product now sells on the Spine Align Pillow website for $124.95, but readers of Scottsdale Airpark News are welcome to purchase it for $99.95 directly from Loth at his Airpark office, inside the Fit Ops gym at 7645 E. Evans Road, Suite 145. (Call to make sure he’s available at 602-549-2750.)

The pillow comes with a soft, fitted pillowcase and a 30-day money-back guarantee.