Stone Creek Furniture celebrates 30 years as a leader

Stone Creek Furniture celebrates 30 years as a leader

By Kristine Cannon

This year marks a milestone accomplishment for Stone Creek Furniture: It’s the company’s 30th anniversary.

And to celebrate, Stone Creek Furniture is skipping the big bash and instead will maintain that day-to-day grind it has mastered over the past three decades — the same grind that’s helped it not only survive the pandemic but also thrive throughout it.

For Stone Creek Furniture, the pandemic spurred an increase in sales for two products: entertainment centers and home offices.

“When people were coming to realize that this work-from-home was not a temporary situation, the need to invest in a nicer work environment in the home — and also ways to entertain the family at home — came forefront. Like, how do we make the best of this?” says Stone Creek Furniture President and Founder Ron Jones.

Stone Creek Furniture is a leader in the home furnishings industry for building quality home theater, home office, bedroom and dining room furniture, as well as custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

Its first order was for 80 chairs, and since, Stone Creek has been committed to providing excellence through “time-honored craftsmanship.”

What also sets Stone Creek apart is it manufactures locally at its 44,000-square-foot factory in Chandler. Its other showroom is located in North Scottsdale, just north of Scottsdale Quarter.

“We’re not like other furniture stores,” Jones says. “They’re not manufacturing; they’re buying from many factories around the world to provide the commodities that are in demand.”

This allows them to provide quality products at an accessible and affordable price — marketing their beautifully crafted furniture directly to the public at a wholesale price.

“We sell factory direct. So, that no-middleman concept is still alive and well here at Stone Creek,” Jones says.

In fact, Stone Creek Furniture is the largest furniture manufacturer in the state.

Here, it produces furniture and cabinetry using only the best selection of quality hardwoods, and it offers an extensive selection of 35 fine finish colors, among other features.

But Stone Creek’s niche, Jones says, is in customizing cabinetry.

And in the midst of the pandemic, it saw strong sales during the second and third quarters of last year for media walls and entertainment centers as well as home offices.

“Scottsdale has always been a vibrant customer base for us,” Jones says. “(And the Chandler factory) was well-equipped to handle more volume than we had been doing.”

Stone Creek did, however, face its fair share of challenges keeping up with demand, one being interruptions in supply.

“Some of the supplies that we would have in hardware are made in China. So, there were some interruptions in supply in that. We had to pay more, but we could still manage to get it. The raw materials have been going up in price, too,” Jones says.

Jones adds that countertops also increased in price.

“There was also an exodus of the countertops that were being made in China. That became a little bit of a problem, as those manufacturers tried to move their sourcing to other countries, and they got that done pretty rapidly, but there was quite a bit of price increase in the countertops,” Jones says.

Despite the minor setbacks, Stone Creek Furniture managed to not only keep up with demand but also retain its staff amid the pandemic.

“We never laid off any employees,” Jones says proudly, adding that many employees have been with Stone Creek for more than seven years.

Looking ahead, Jones expects working from home will “become very permanent” and that the home office market will “stay strong.”

“And I think the media wall entertainment center for the home is also going to stay strong,” he adds.

Jones isn’t wrong.

According to a December 2020 report by Research and Markets, the global home office furniture market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 7.5% through 2026.

Jones says his goal for 2021 is to become the largest selection and largest manufacturer of home office and media walls in Arizona.

“We’re putting a lot of focus again on those two commodities,” he says.

“We’re extremely proud of the work we do here at Stone Creek. We are not just selling cookie-cutter furniture made in China; we are collaborating with each customer and design that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or cabinetry for their home.”

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