Scottsdale’s summer staycation deals are hot

Scottsdale’s summer staycation deals are hot

By Rachel Sacco, President & CEO, Experience Scottsdale


With many warm days still ahead of us, the tourism industry is experiencing its annual lull. Though Scottsdale’s hospitality businesses would gladly welcome more visitors from afar this time of year, I want to extend a thank you to the visitors who do experience our destination throughout June, July and August: You.

The season’s triple-digit temperatures can deter many out-of-state visitors. But thanks to you, your neighbors, and your friends and family throughout the Valley of the Sun, Scottsdale’s tourism industry stays afloat during the summer.

You are equipped to not only survive an Arizona summer, but thrive. And you do so by relaxing and unwinding at Scottsdale’s luxury resorts, dining out at Scottsdale’s restaurants, visiting Scottsdale’s world-class museums, and perusing Scottsdale’s galleries and shops.

How do I know you are filling up our hotels and attractions? Well, with Experience Scottsdale’s biennial visitor research, the Visitor Industry Customer Analysis, our organization can identify, down to the household level, high-value visitors that have a propensity to travel to Scottsdale – including people interested in visiting during the summer.

Phoenix is our top feeder market for visitation throughout the summer. According to Experience Scottsdale’s research, more than one-third of Scottsdale’s domestic summertime visitors are staycationing locals like you. But that means almost two-thirds are coming from other regions in the U.S. So who’s sitting next to you poolside during your staycation?

Many are traveling to Arizona from Southern California. Approximately 28 percent of our summer visitors come from Los Angeles, and I’d personally like to think these Angelenos are choosing to take road trips to Scottsdale over Palm Springs, a closer desert destination and one of our competitors to boot.

And although they travel in smaller numbers this time of year, you may also meet travelers from New York, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Dallas in your hotel lobby.

You and these out-of-town guests are savvy travelers. Because Memorial Day through Labor Day, you and your fellow vacationers get to enjoy Scottsdale’s luxury accommodations at steep discounts. Many area hotels and resorts offer starting rates that are up to 60 percent off peak-season prices.

That means, if you were to book a staycation in the next few weeks (and I hope you do), you could snag a room at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch for $89. There, you could while away the hours poolside, listening to live music, enjoying drink specials, playing life-size beer pong, or catching a movie at sundown.  

Or perhaps you’re looking to stay in Old Town Scottsdale at a property like Bespoke Inn, where summer rates start at $139. Your staycation could include brunch at Virtú Honest Craft and bike rides through Old Town on the inn’s Pashley British Cruisers.

I hope you’ll take advantage of these deals and more throughout the rest of the summer. Visit Experience Scottsdale’s seasonal website,, to learn about these deals and more. With Experience Scottsdale’s curated list of hotel rates, promotions and events, your perfect summer itinerary is set.

Editor’s note: Rachel Sacco is the president and CEO of Experience Scottsdale, which is responsible for marketing the Scottsdale area as a premier travel and meetings destination to national and international leisure visitors, travel agents, tour operators, meeting planners and media.