Spiraling Out of Control

Spiraling Out of Control

By Octavio Serrano

Glassblower Newt Grover has one mission: to share his work with the world.

“By the time I die, I want to put as much beauty and as much work in the world as possible,” Grover says.

Grover has been working on this since 1998, when he founded Newt Glass, an Airpark-based company that produces custom-blown glass pieces and installs them in residences and commercial properties.

The heart behind what Newt Glass provides is not based on function, but the glass’ pleasing aesthetic components.

This passion for glass began at Coronado High School in Scottsdale, as a jewelry maker at age 15. He forged a successful career with it and eventually taught himself how to make neon. His art grew from there.

However, Grover realized he wanted to make a career change—glassblowing.

“I saw on PBS a program on glassblowing and I told my wife, ‘This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I have to do it’,” Grover says. “So I looked around an there wasn’t really any place to even learn how to blow glass in Phoenix, so what I ended up doing was build my own studio so I could learn. It was going to be a hobby, but it just morphed into what I am doing now.”

What captivated Grover about glassblowing was the routes he could take with it. He doesn’t have mass-producible items, instead he custom makes all of his pieces.

“We do a lot of chandeliers, wall displays, metal and glass sculptures and it varies so much,” Grover says.

He considers his work the “cherry on top” of any room’s décor.

Newt Glass does not just design and build the glass pieces, but it makes sure the installation goes smoothly. If a piece is being shipped across the country, Grover says Newt Glass will travel to make sure the glass piece is installed properly.

Although Newt Glass creates pieces for residential homes, it is not afraid of a good challenge. Grover says he always enjoys taking on bigger projects and is willing to go outside of his comfort zone.

“I do a lot of larger-scale jobs for commercial environment for people who need that ‘wow’ factor or something spectacular,” Grover says. “I relish, and I look forward to doing something different because I don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing.”

What is striking about Grover’s work is it’s all about art and its beautiful; how the glass can make a building or house stand out. Grover considers art is an important component of society and one that is important to architecture.

“Artwork heals,” he says. “It changes people’s attitudes, and there is so much that artwork does in society that people don’t even think about.”

Roughly 20 years after it was founded, Newt Glass has firmly planted itself in Scottsdale. Grover’s hobby and obsession allowed him to develop a business, one that he says he does not consider “work.” Grover is always looking forward to the next project and wants to leave his mark on the world with his art.

“My job is to put beauty into the world and I think that artwork is extremely important for society,” Grover says.

Newt Glass is by appointment only.

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