Shared Appetite for Technology: Which software makes your business fly?

Shared Appetite for Technology: Which software makes your business fly?

By Marjorie Rice

Finding the right software for your business can save you time, money and a lot of frustration. But with so many out there vying for your attention—and money—choosing apps can be a daunting task. Where to turn? Your peers in the business world.

We asked Airpark businesses to share some of their favorites.

Pit Stop Auto Detailing and Storage

Fave App:

Pit Stop Detailing and Storage sends mobile detailing teams to put a professional polish on vehicles all over the Valley. The company also provides storage of vintage, exotic and classic cars. Pit Stop founder Marcus Morton uses the AppointmentPlus scheduling app to keep his teams of auto detailers on-time and on-target.

“I found out about Appointment Plus through a story about them in the Scottsdale Airpark News,” he says. “Since it was a local company, I thought ‘Why not?’ I started using it about two years ago. It allows me to synch schedules, all on one device. I have it on my mobile phone, and all my guys are able to download it on theirs.

“Instead of having to make a phone call to home base to figure out their next stop, the teams can download the app and get up-to-date information while they’re on the road. It also cuts down on paper costs and the risk of losing printouts.”

Pit Stop Auto Detailing and Storage; 15015 N. 74th St., Suite 115; 480-584-6115;

Airpark Bikes

Fave apps:;

Airpark Bikes owner Steve Driscoll uses the LightSpeed Point of Sale system for accounting and inventory—an especially important job for a company with so many parts on hand.

The DC Ranch bicycle shop rents and sells mountain, road, triathlon and BMX bikes and motor bikes. It also has a large selection of parts in stock.

“I’ve used LightSpeed for two years,” Driscoll says. “It’s great for my company. With LightSpeed we can track so many aspects of our business, including inventory, daily sales, overall growth and individual sales by employees. For example, if I’m at an event and someone asks me if we have a particular part, I can just pull it up on the app and know what my cost was and what the retail cost is. We also can look at bike sales in comparison to what our labor costs were for the day. It works really well and has been very helpful.”

Driscoll also uses the Strava GPS Cycling and Running App, which lets him and his customers track their riding with GPS. “Say I’m going up a hill and want to figure out how fast I’m going,” he says. “On the same day there may be 10 other people on the same hill using Strava. The app lets me know how they’re doing, and how I’m doing in comparison with them that day, and in comparison with others on that route for the entire year.”

Airpark Bikes; 20875 N. Pima Road; 480-596-6633;

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market

Fave app:

Michael Lawson, general manager for Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market, has taken the concept of gas station plus food stop to a new level, a “relaxation station” with great food—including succulent, smoky brisket—sprawling gift shop, wine store, bakery, and comfy seating areas for customers who want to meet up with friends for a card game or enjoy a good read while their vehicle is being washed and detailed.

“Hiring the right people and providing impeccable service has been essential to our success,” Lawson says, and finding them

has been made easier with the ZipRecruiter app.

“ZipRecruiter is a job-posting board,” Lawson adds. “You post a job description on the app and it goes out to job boards on the Internet and finds applicants. It’s absolutely key for us to find the right person for our jobs, and this has really helped us.”

With ZipRecruiter, employers get a list of potential candidates and create questions to help them zero in on the most qualified people. The site also can host online interviews. Job-seekers are welcome to use the service as well.

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market; 9393 E. Bell Road; 480-513-8166;

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate

Fave apps:;;

Bernard Investment Real Estate, with offices in Arizona, Oregon and Washington, provides brokerage services for multifamily apartment properties. Joseph Chaplik, the company’s founder, president and principal broker, uses online databases to locate and monitor properties in his markets.

“We buy and sell apartment buildings for our customers, and we need to get all the information we can on these properties to be successful in the marketplace,” Chaplik says. “We subscribe to CoStar and LoopNet databases. We also use Pierce-Eislen, which started here in Phoenix. While these are databases, they have their own apps that allow you to look at a property in detail.

“On a laptop or tablet, you can put in an address for an apartment building and they will tell you who owns it, number of units, floor plans, sale comps, when it last sold, if it’s for sale now—all the data you need to know about the building.”

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate; 9927 E. Bell Road, Suite 130; 480-305-5600;

Boccieri Golf Research and Performance Center

Fave software: (HMT); (SAM PuttLab);;

“Technology has been our best friend at Boccieri Golf,” says Sandra Boccieri, the company’s vice president for sales and marketing. The company uses software as a selling tool and for teaching.

“We offer a uniquely different product,” Boccieri adds. “All of our clubs are counter-balanced, which means they have a heavier head mass and a weight in the golf handle. By doing this, we believe the club is easier to control and gives the golfer more accuracy and consistency.

“Technology allows our customers to evaluate our product and compare it to conventional clubs is a neutral and unbiased way. Additionally, we use software as a teaching tool. Whether it’s putting or driving, we are able to show all aspects of a golfer’s body mechanics.”

The software allows golfers to analyze and tweak the minutest aspects of their game—from Head Measurement Technology (HMT) that measures the position and velocity of the club head when it smacks the golf ball, to wearable devices like the K-Vest, which analyzes swings and identifies faults. There’s more—SAM PuttLab, which allows the golfer to see his putting stroke in 3-D, Swing View Pro software that allows the user to watch his golf swing frame-by-frame, and Trackman software that tracks ball flight and speed.

Boccieri Golf 15816 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite 300; 480-361-4339;