Scottsdale dentist creates a solution for disappearing dental insurance

jeffDr. Jeffrey Clark, a North Scottsdale general dentist with 20 years of experience, has noticed a paradigm shift in the number of clientele who don’t have dental insurance. The increasing lack of coverage inspired him to create an alternative annual membership plan to help patients by cutting out the middleman: insurance companies.

“I think people are dropping their dental coverage because of the increased costs for medical insurance overall,” he says. “Even though the cost for dental insurance is relatively cheap if paid on a monthly basis, the real question is what are you getting for that monthly investment?”

Insurance Facts and Drawbacks

Typically, people have three types of dental-insurance plans to choose from: PPO, HMO or indemnity plans—and all have drawbacks. “PPO plans allow you to go out of network, but can result in higher fees,” says Dr. Clark. “HMOs do not allow you to go out of network; the restrictions are higher and the quality can suffer. Indemnity plans allow more freedom but are much more expensive.”

Another concern of patients with traditional dental insurance is the yearly maximum-dollar amount that companies will pay out. “Usually coverage ranges between $1,000 to $2,000 per year, and unfairly has been at these levels since the 1970s,” says Dr. Clark, adding that elective procedures such as Veneers, Invisalign, implants and even tooth-colored fillings are not always covered either.

Dr. Clark’s Savings Plan

To provide a solution for patients that don’t have insurance or who may want to terminate their plan due to restrictions, Dr. Clark’s office has devised an alternative: the Dental Savings Plan (DSP.)

“We are essentially trying to cut out the middleman—the insurance companies—in order to give you, the patient, more benefit for your dollars,” Dr. Clark says. “It works like a Costco membership plan starting at $125 per year, and it entitles our patients to 15 percent to 50 percent of all dental procedures, including cosmetics, with no limits, no waiting periods, no deductibles, no claims, no pre-authorizations and no treatment restrictions.”

Patients don’t have to worry about referrals to specialists either. “We work very closely with an oral surgeon, a periodontist, endodontist and an orthodontist who will provide the highest quality of care while honoring the plan,” Dr. Clark explains.

The best part, he adds, is that patients have complete control over their healthcare. “That means you could restore as many teeth as you want—not the one tooth a year the insurance plans will cover.”


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Dental Savings Plan

No Charge: consultations

50% Discount: oral exams; basic cleanings; X-rays; sealants

15% Discount: periodontal; fillings (white); crowns/bridges; veneers; implants; Invisalign; endodontics


DSP Cost

Plan Cost/Year Savings

Single $125 $182

Dual $225 $389

Family $315 $583

Each Additional $85 $797