Say, ‘Wow’!

Say, ‘Wow’!

By Thalia M. España

Hawaiian Lemonade’s spring flavors are inspired by color

Spring has sprung and so have new seasonal flavors at Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade.

CEO and co-founder Todd Casselberry says he and his wife, Chloe, created the new flavors inspired by the season’s colors to supply something fresh, creative and inspiring.

The new items include: Desert Vibes Lemonade, Desert Vibes Smoothie Bowl, Blue Hawaii Toast, Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie, Pea Flower Lemonade, Adaptogen Cold Brew and a Breakfast Cold Brew Smoothie. Adaptogens are plants that help the body reduce stress.

The Desert Vibes Lemonade is raw—without artificial sweeteners—and cold pressed as a mango strawberry lemonade mixed with a hint of fresh turmeric. Like the lemonade, the Desert Vibes Smoothie Bowl is flavored with tropical coconut and a hint of sparkling kombucha. Both have an ombre, three-colored tone, according to Casselberry, and they are inspired by Arizona sunsets and sunrises.

Reverting to the ocean, the Blue Hawaii Toast is topped with blue spirulina, housemade cashew cheese, kiwi, blueberry, organic coconut flakes and locally sourced honey.

The Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie is a “pastel twist on the fan-favorite drink.” Perfect for one with a sweet tooth, the Paleo Mint Chip Smoothie implements nutritional aspects. The smoothie uses fresh mint, kale and raw cacao, with a drizzle of cacao sauce.

“It tastes like a really decadent, tasty smoothie, but it’s really healthy,” Casselberry says. “It’s kind of like the best of both worlds where you can drink something that satisfies your craving for a treat, but it’s also really good for you.”

The Pea Flower Lemonade is also inspired by natural surroundings. It is served raw and cold pressed; its purple color comes from the Butterfly Pea Flower, which turns a pink lavender when fully mixed into the mojito lemonade with sprigs of mint and a hint of lime and adaptogens.

Wow Wow Lemonade is innovative, as shown with its Adaptogen Cold Brew and the Breakfast Cold Brew Smoothie. Using four of nature’s best adaptogen mushrooms, its health benefits include immunity support, hormone balance, energy boost and many disease-fighting benefits.

“It’s great for healing in different areas of the body,” Casselberry says. “We’re trying to the combine the value of it tasting really good with the value of something that is really great for you.”

The Cold Brew Smoothie, he says, is an all-in-one smoothie that combines one’s desire for coffee and breakfast with almond butter, adaptogens, raw cacao, MCT oil, and paleo grain-free organic vegan protein.

The Adaptogen Cold Brew is a cold brew mixed with the new adaptogen blend and coconut cream.

The seasonal items, as well as all menu regulars, are all derived from pure nature. Casselberry says all ingredients are raw and often locally sourced.

Embracing the spirit of Aloha and Hawaii within their seasonal and regular menus, Casselberry emphasized their value for a better quality of life, the importance of family and community, and honoring the land.

“We want (our customers) to taste something in a unique way that they may not have had before,” Casselberry says. “Food should be healthy for you because we depend upon food for nutrition for strengthening our bodies and our immune systems. We want to provide something that tastes really good, it’s refreshing, and it’s really good for you, too.” ν

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