Rise and shine: It’s rooster time

Rise and shine: It’s rooster time

By Jen Smith

Jen SmithOne of my favorite times of year when we lived in Singapore was Chinese New Year.

While here in the U.S. things can seem a bit dull after the holidays, not so in Asia.

In early January, preparation kicks into high gear for the Lunar New Year.

Homes must be cleaned. Food prepared. New clothing secured. Red packets stuffed. There is a manic buzz of activity, until New Year’s Eve, when everything shuts down. People rush home to be with family.

Public life is silenced for a time of intimate reconnection with family and friends.

The Chinese calendar comprises 60-year periods with five 12-year cycles associated with an animal. This year we said goodbye to the monkey and greeted the rooster on Jan. 28.

So what does the Year of the Rooster challenge us to do?

Well, when we think of this fellow, the first thought might be cock-a-doodle-doo. The rooster has a reputation for being an early riser and making enough noise to roust everyone in the vicinity. In this Year of the Rooster, we are called to awaken and arise and get to work.

What chores have we been putting off? What professional certification or education have we been planning to pursue? What household organization has been overlooked far too long? What exercise goal would make all the difference in energy and self-esteem?

Wake up and get it done.

The rooster is notorious for protecting and defending the barnyard. His noisy ruckus may mean danger in the area or tasty morsels right this way. He is large and in charge, protecting his turf.

Who needs a little TLC in your neighborhood? An elderly parent, who would love a visit or even a phone chat? A little tyke, who is eager for your time and attention to build a Lego set, go for a bike ride or take a trip to the park? A spouse, who deserves some romance? Even colleagues, who need to know you’re there and plugged in and moving in the same direction?

Last, but not least, this rooster year is a reminder to think about our appearance. The cock always puts his best foot forward. Take a look at your wardrobe, your hair style, your grooming routine.

Our outer appearance is a manifestation of our inner self. What are you saying to the world about who you are?

Does your presence inspire joy, energy and positive-thinking? Don’t forget to put on a smile every morning.

First, a big smile and a word of encouragement to yourself, and then, take it to the world.

Rise early. Make a little noise. Look out for your peeps. Share freely. Look sharp. Smile.

Make the Year of the Rooster one to crow about.

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