Posh Pooches

Posh Pooches

By Leisah Woldoff

From full-size beds to ‘pawdicures,’ pet resorts pamper dogs

For dogs visiting Scottsdale’s pet resorts, “a dog’s life” is a pampered one. From bone-shaped pools and “pupsicle” treats to queen beds with flat-screen TVs streaming doggie-approved shows, pet resorts can provide a glamourous stay for furry friends while their owners are on vacation.

Most of the dog resorts also offer “doggie daycare,” which supplies a stimulating environment for dogs while their owners are at work, are having repairs or renovations done on their home or have houseguests who don’t do well with animals.

Here is a roundup of some of Scottsdale’s dog resorts.

Applewood Pet Resort &

Animal Hospital

6909 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley

480-596-1190, applewoodpetresort.com

Applewood Pet Resort & Animal Hospital owner Clayton Coady, a longtime judge of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, bought the property at Lincoln Drive in 1992 and renovated it into a facility for show dogs. Over time, it evolved into what it is today: a pet resort and animal hospital on more than two acres of land that provides boarding for dogs of all kinds, as well as cats, birds, bunnies, rats and guinea pigs (although the resort’s special activities are only for the dogs and cats).

Activities include group play, where dogs are divided into groups by size and temperament and play indoors and outdoors for several hours each day. For dogs who don’t play well with others, there is Pet & Play, a personalized option with a staff member. Add-on services include pool time in an 18-inch deep, bone-shaped wading doggie pool with water jets and geysers. There are also leash walks and late-night potty breaks.

Rooms range from a standard room, which starts at $36 per night for small dogs, to the presidential suite, which starts at $105 per night and offers a 175-square-foot private room with carpeting, premium raised bedding, a flat-screen TV, a fenced-in patio and turf yard with a doggy door. Group daycare starts at $32 for the day.

The facility offers divided outdoor, shaded play yards; multiple indoor play rooms; play ramps for group or solo playtime; and a grooming salon.

D Pet Hotels

15060 N. Northsight Blvd., Scottsdale

480-630-9716, scottsdale.dpethotels.com

For those seeking five-star luxury accommodations for their posh pooches, D Pet Hotels may be ideal. Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy luxury vacations? The resort’s doggie daycare has three dog parks that span 4,000 square feet of the hotel’s grounds. The Dog Spa and Wellness Center offers a variety of treatments, including grooming, baths, a massage, teeth cleaning, a “pawdicure” and a D-Wrap – a cleansing, detoxifying thermal wrap.

A standard suite, $66, comes with a comfortable dog bed and a 19-inch flat-screen TV with a DVD player. A Sensational Suite, $89, features a twin bed, modern decor and a 32-inch flat-screen TV with DVD player. Dogs in the Uber Suites, $109, get to sleep in a queen bed, enjoy the room’s modern décor and watch a 42-inch flat-screen TV with a DVD player. All prices are for a 24-hour period that includes all the daycare amenities.

D Pet dogs not only live in style while at the resort; they can also travel in style in a luxurious vehicle as part of the resort’s chauffeur service, which can pick up or drop off a pet in Scottsdale and nearby cities.

The pet resort chain started in Hollywood, and there are also locations in Austin; Encino, California; and Chelsea, New York. The Scottsdale resort opened in 2012.

FurBabies Resort & Spa

7030 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale

480-699-1077, furbabiesresort.com

One of the newest pet resorts, which opened in November 2017, is FurBabies Resort & Spa, founded by Heather Budde. The resort’s slogan is “Treating your dog like our own.”

The cage-free resort includes a “Slumber Party” option – a group overnight for $50 per night. Other options range from a $55 standard suite to the $135 Presidential Suite, which includes a queen-size bed with a Tuft & Needle Therapeutic Mattress, luxury bedding and a 48-inch flat-screen TV showing dog movies. All the suites feature stainless steel feeding bowls and soothing music.

The doggie daycare offers cage-free play in a 4,800-square-foot indoor facility and includes artificial grass, bubble play and rest areas. The cost is $18 for a half day and $28 for a full day, with multi-day discounts.

The spa offers grooming, as well as facials, pup massage, “paw-dicures,” feather extensions and hair color chalk and glitter. Other services include potty training for puppies.

Raintree Pet Resort &

Medical Center

8215 E. Raintree Drive, Scottsdale

480-351-4654, raintreepetscottsdale.com

Raintree Pet Resort & Medical Center has offered a combination of veterinary care with luxury resort services since 1987. Resort amenities include daycare, overnight boarding, a heated pool, a splash pad, indoor and outside play areas, snow days and birthday parties. Pets whose owners go away for the holidays get to enjoy a homemade turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas and a hotdog barbecue for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Other treats include a Kong filled with peanut butter, peanut butter-flavored ice cream and “pupsicles” – frozen chicken broth with a hidden cookie treat inside.

Boarding fees range from $33 for small dogs to $73 for a room with a toddler bed and a TV showing animal-related movies. Daycare costs $35 per day. In addition to the full veterinary services offered for dogs and cats, Raintree’s veterinary facility also treats birds, reptiles and other species.

The Oh My Dog! Boutique Hotel & Spa

7137 E. Stetson Road, Ste. 8, Scottsdale

480-874-1200, ohmydogboutique.com

This boutique hotel in Old Town Scottsdale, opened in 2008 by Jackie Griffin, offers a place for small and medium breeds of dogs (up to 50 pounds) to play and socialize. Dogs are grouped by size, breed, temperament and play style; then are free to run together in social areas that include playground fun such as ramps, bridges and tunnels. One area, The Heart Lounge, is a ‘70s inspired lounging area for passive and older dogs who prefer to relax on soft couches. This 750-square-foot “living room” also includes a 60-inch flat-screen TV showing dog friendly movies. There’s also bottled water service and hot towel treatments for face and feet before bed.

Dog Play packages range from $15 to $30. Hotel prices range from $55 per night to $90 per night for the Penthouse Suite, which includes a twin bed and a flat-screen TV with streaming movies.

Spa treatments include grooming, paw massages and teeth brushing. The Boutique features a variety of stylish dog toys, collars, treats, carriers and accessories, as well as locally made clothing, artwork and other products.

Scottsdale Pet Hotel

2700 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe

480-947-9636, scottsdalepethotel.com

The Scottsdale Pet Hotel, which is technically on the Tempe side of the Scottsdale-Tempe border, caters to dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. All guests stay in climate-controlled accommodations with ultra-soft bedding and complimentary treats. Other amenities include playtime, soothing music, televisions, shaded and misted outdoor play areas and oversized runs for larger breeds.

Boarding rates for dogs range from $36 per day for smaller breeds to $48 per day for a luxury suite. Scottsdale Pet Hotel also offers doggy day care, starting at $25 per day for a full day and $17 for a half day. The hotel also offers full-service grooming for dogs and cats.

Activities at Applewood Pet Resort include group play, where dogs are divided into groups by size and temperament and play for several hours each day.

(Photo courtesy Applewood Pet Resort & Animal Hospital)