Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers

By Eric Newman

Airpark pioneers specialize in everything from investment management to leasing hangar space

Editor’s Note: There’s no shortage of business savvy and innovation around the Airpark these days. With more than 3,000 companies in the area, the Airpark has enough major players to fill an entire magazine with “Movers & Shakers.” In fact, we’re looking at making “Movers & Shakers” an annual nod. Here we tip our hats to our inaugural handful of influencers.

Chris Loeffler

Chris Loeffler is not new to influencing business in Scottsdale.

As the CEO of Caliber – The Wealth Development Company, which he co-founded in 2009, Loeffler has received much recognition for his business success, including being named the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2016 Landmark Leaders Commercial Real Estate Innovator of the Year.

Caliber’s goal is to develop wealth by creating and managing investments backed by tangible, real assets, and Loeffler says the company’s location in the Airpark has been important for developing and maintaining relationships with investors and potential customers.

“Being in the area is great for client meetings, easy to get to for a lot of the people we work with. Really, it’s just a collaborative business environment,” he says.

Rather than acquiring a majority of investors from outside the state, most of the company’s investors are in the area as well, which brings revenue and spending back into the Airpark.

“Our business model is interesting, because we raise capital from wealthy, accredited investors, and about 65 percent of those people are in the state, and a lot of those are in Scottsdale,” Loeffler says. “So, when we do a project, instead of bringing in capital from outside, a lot comes from our community, and then as those projects become profitable, the money goes back into the community, which is then hopefully spent in Arizona.”

Always looking for innovation, Loeffler says Caliber is set to go public within the next year, which could increase profits and business opportunities in the area as well.

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