Local Entrepreneur Creates App for Businesses to Share Video in Near Real Time

feature_BizzCamBizzCam, a Scottsdale-based company, recently launched a mobile app allowing local business owners to easily share short video commercials on their website and social outlets.

The bizzCam app, currently free to download, is available in the iTunes App and Google Play stores for iPhone and Android users.

Created by entrepreneur Brian Hernandez, bizzCam’s technology allows app users to send up to 29-second videos, called bizzClips, directly to their website via the mobile app, capitalizing on video as a rapidly growing trend in digital marketing.

Once registered online, the app works by embedding a code to the user’s website one time, which automatically updates each time a video is recorded and uploaded; it then replaces the previous video. This fresh, relevant video content may also be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, engaging both new and existing customers.

“With YouTube videos currently, embed codes have to be added to the user’s website each time a video is produced, and with social platforms like Vine or Instagram, users have to follow companies through these selected mobile apps to see their content,” says Hernandez, bizzCam founder.

“BizzCam enables businesses to display their video on their website, where customers are already searching—with local search and direct traffic. We complement their web pages, and help them show what’s going on at their businesses with a short video.”

Hernandez created the technology to help businesses easily take control of their video marketing endeavors. Restaurants, real estate agents, car dealerships and others are using it to share their latest inventory, showcase menu items, open houses, market trends, and more, all in near real time (10 seconds or less).

The service is currently free with plans to offer upgraded packages in the near future.

“Using our technology, bizzCam simplifies the process of video updating and allows business owners to tell a much better story online,” Hernandez says. “It also lowers the costs and time associated with website updating.”


For more information, videos and a demo, visit www.bizzcam.com.

To download the apps, visit ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bizzcam/id735909688?mt=8 or Google Play