Jet, Set

Jet, Set

By Hayden Weber

Active 20/30 Club puts on Phoenix Suitcase Party for Charity

For the tenth year in a row, the Active 20/30 Club of Phoenix is putting on its annual charity event, the Phoenix Suitcase Party, to benefit children all across the Valley.

Attendees are all expected to come to the party with a packed suitcase in hand, as the lucky winners at the end of the night will leave on a private jet or limousine for a luxurious getaway weekend at an undisclosed mystery location.

Destinations in years past have included Sonoma, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and even a few 5-star staycations in and around the Valley. Dress code for the event is considered casual, but organizers for the party recommend everybody wear jeans or long pants and closed-toe shoes since the event will take place at night in late October. It is also recommended everyone dress as if they are leaving on a private plane at the end of the night, since two lucky attendees will.

“Everyone should come packed like they are leaving for a weekend getaway at the end of the night,” says Waseem Hamadeh, current president of the Active 20/30 Club of Phoenix. “We’ve got gambling, we’ve got food and drinks. We have even had a few basketball players come in before. It’s always a great night.”

The party will be held at Scottsdale Airport in association with Gemini Airgroup in North Scottsdale off of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and the Greenway Hayden Loop on Friday, October 26, from 6 to 11 p.m. The 10,000-square-foot facility is large enough to hold a G-5 aircraft and host all the entertainment and events for the night.

Entry tickets for the party cost $100 per person and each ticket has a chance of winning the grand prize at the end of the night. Guest can greatly increase their chances of winning the big getaway by purchasing raffle tickets for $25 each or five for $100. Tickets can also be tax-refundable under certain conditions. All net proceeds from the party are donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Children in Need foundation.

While all eyes are on the mystery weekend getaway at the end of the night, all party attendees will also have the chance to compete in smaller raffles and auctions throughout the course of the night. The silent auction uses a paperless online system to avoid people hovering around table to table. Attendees are able to register for the silent auction on the Phoenix Suitcase Party website before the event.

The Active 20/30 Club of Phoenix is a group of philanthropic men in their twenties and thirties that get together each month to help improve the quality of life for youth in the Valley. Throughout the years, the group has donated its time, money, and efforts to many organizations including the Arizona Foundation for Blind Children, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, A Hand of Hope, and The National Society for Brain Injured Children.

“My favorite part of the event year after year is just seeing how it helps the kids at Phoenix Children’s (Hospital) and Children in Need. It’s so great that we can have this event that is so fun and have it all go to such a great cause,” Hamadeh says.

For more information, or to buy tickets and register for the silent auction, visit