Healthiest You – Tele-health answer saves dollars, time and frustration for members

Healthiest You – Tele-health answer saves dollars, time and frustration for members

Ever wished you could just call your doctor about a common illness and have the issue resolved over the phone, complete with a prescription sent into the pharmacy?

You’re not alone.

Inspired by today’s “just a click away” communications, Healthiest You has created a salve to soothe modern patients’ frustrations, increasing access to care while saving time and money for individuals and companies.

The North Scottsdale startup offers a tele-health solution that provides a complete digital sick care and wellness program: clients get 24/7 digital access to a network of on-call doctors; a prescription-drug pricing comparison tool that often beats co-pay prices; and a smarter-with-use online wellness coaching program.

“Imagine a world where doctors are standing by, waiting for your call instead of you waiting days for an appointment or being stranded for hours in an emergency room. For Healthiest You members, it’s a reality. And for patients and companies, it costs less—a lot less,” says Healthiest You CEO Jim Prendergast.

Healthiest You’s offerings are available through a network of more than 1,700 insurance partners and agencies, working with thousands of clients in every city and state. Patients contact the network via smartphone, tablet and laptop. The service is often used to restructure an aging or costly health plan or as an addition to existing plans, explains Prendergast.

“Whether your child comes down with an ear infection on vacation, your spouse gets pink eye at home or you’re on a business trip when a sinus infection strikes, there is no need to incur costly trips to the doctor, urgent care or emergency room,” he says. “Healthiest You is changing the way people handle common conditions.”

Hello There

But are clients actually picking up their phones and using the service?

According to Prendergast, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the company’s model appears to be exceeding typical tele-health utilization statistics by more than tenfold.

In August, the company released statistics showing 39 percent engagement from members utilizing Healthiest You within its health plan. And that is a game changer, says the company.

“Healthiest You is not only changing the way patients receive care, but they’re also changing the way benefit plans are designed,” says Maurice M. DeRegis, national sales manager for Paragon Partners, a Scottsdale-based insurance-brokerage firm. “By rethinking the way plans are built and putting Healthiest You as the top-level, front-line of care, human-resources managers are able to offer more benefits at significant cost savings to their companies and employees.

According to Healthiest You survey data, nearly one-third of members received a callback from a doctor in less than two minutes, and the average callback time is 11 minutes. Patients are on the phone with a doctor in less time than it would take for most members to drive to a doctor’s office.

“Member usage is really what sets us apart,” Prendergast says. “In a recent Heathiest You member survey, 93 percent of patients reported that a health issue was resolved with Healthiest You, and the service earned a 97 percent satisfaction rate, compared with a national average rate of 68 percent satisfaction reported for traditional doctor’s office visits.”


The Healthiest You Approach

1. Doctor Access: 24/7 access to a network of 2,300-plus board-certified, licensed physicians via phone, email, and video for consultations, diagnosis, and prescriptions. Members can connect to a doctor whenever convenient and pay no consultation fees.

2. Wellness Platform: Online health platform that adapts to individual needs, helping manage a wide array of conditions and diseases. By creating a personal customized wellness blueprint, participants have demonstrated improvements in weight, stress, mood and more, using intrinsic brain principles and behavioral motivators.

3. Prescription Savings: A comparison-shopping tool that provides transparency in prices for all FDA-approved prescription drugs at virtually every pharmacy in America. The program allows members to save up to 80 percent at local pharmacies and often beats the co-pay price

Healthiest You was founded in 2012 as a result of the merger of Healthiest You and HealthNowMD. Offices are at 20909 N. 90th Place, Suite 105, Scottsdale. More: