Foley & Giolitto CPA offers tax preparation and planning  strategies that save clients money

Foley & Giolitto CPA offers tax preparation and planning strategies that save clients money

By Kamala Kirk

For almost 20 years, Foley & Giolitto CPA has created successful financial strategies for professionals in the Airpark. Working with business owners and real estate investors, the firm specializes in tax strategy and planning to help reduce taxes for clients.

“We offer a comprehensive custom tax plan so we can look at a client’s entire tax situation in advance and help identify strategies to reduce their taxes,” says partner Ryan Giolitto. “Then we help them implement those strategies and create an optimized tax plan so that when they file their taxes, there are no surprises. We do everything in order to create the best tax situation they’ve ever had.”

In addition to tax returns and preparation, financial planning and consulting on alternative investments, Foley & Giolitto CPA dedicates a lot of time to educating clients on personal finance taxes.

“One thing that really sets us apart is that we spend more time with our customers than others in the industry do,” Giolitto says.

“Financial education is important because a lot of people aren’t financially educated. We spend a lot of time and effort optimizing each client’s situation. There are a lot of firms out there that do tax returns and their goal is basically to get customers out the door as quickly as possible. We do the exact opposite. We input the numbers, review them, then we think about all the different ways that we can reach the optimal situation. We do every trick in the book to help reduce clients’ taxes.”

Giolitto, who was raised in a family of CPAs and accountants, graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s College of Business, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting and a Master of Science in taxation.

Prior to joining forces with certified public accountant Charles Foley in 2016, Giolitto worked for several firms over the years as a tax supervisor, manager of tax and financial advisory services, and manager of U.S. tax and financial consulting services.

Now, as partner at Foley & Giolitto CPA, Giolitto oversees the firm’s team of CPAs and financial experts. His goal has been to build a company that offers a great work-life balance for employees.

“I was very fortunate to get some of the best experience possible by working for different companies,” Giolitto says. “Traditionally, CPA firms don’t have a very good work-life balance. It was always a mission of mine to create what didn’t exist: a company where our employees could have a normal work life and not get burn out. At Foley & Giolitto CPA, we’ve created a great place for accountants to work while on the flip side. Clients appreciate what we do for them.”

Giolitto moved to Arizona in 2016 after becoming partner at the firm. In addition to the weather and the people, he really enjoys the sense of community in the Airpark.

“The Airpark to me is small business at its best,” Giolitto says. “It’s a really tightknit community of local businesses, and these are the kind of people that we want to help. One of our missions is to help local business, move the local area forward and shop local. Whenever we’re asked for recommendations, we always refer local providers. We like to support the community that we’re in.”

Prior to COVID-19, Foley & Giolitto CPA had been working with many clients electronically, which allowed the firm to continue to provide services for those who couldn’t come to the its offices during the pandemic.

“We already had two very different ways of working with us depending on each client’s style,” Giolitto says. “Not everyone wants to be in front of a computer; some prefer to come in and see us, while those that live far away or are out of town like having a remote option. Whether it’s in person or remote, we wanted to make sure that we took care of all our customers.”

When tax season rolls around, Giolitto says many people become stressed because their finances aren’t organized.

“The best way to relieve that stress is to be better organized financially and to plan ahead,” Giolitto says. “The things we really help people with are good accounting and good financial organization so that they know everything when it comes to their personal financial situation and how it operates. Then when they go into tax season the next year, we’ve eliminated the stress by helping them plan and prepare so they know exactly what’s going to happen. My biggest tip for people is to work with someone that is going to educate you, help you get organized and plan ahead, because that’s the key to reducing financial stress.”

Giolitto’s favorite part of working in the industry is significantly impacting clients’ financial situations, helping them save thousands to millions of dollars.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be able to work with someone who doesn’t have a financial background or education, and after just a few years of working with us, they’re able to have a very successful personal financial situation,” Giolitto shares.

“Over the years, we’ve saved some individuals some pretty big amounts, which is quite impactful. We work hard for our clients because we want to improve their situations and we’re really thankful for their appreciation for what we do for them as well.” ν

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