FEBRUARY Business Horoscope

By Weiss Kelly, PMAFA

Whether you’re a small-business owner or have other career aspirations, insights into how the planets influence your work month can help you plan for maximum performance and project success.

ARIES 3/21-4/20  Note that your finances will need a complete overhaul this month. Not to worry, as it will present no problem. February’s patterns bring some good news by the third week. The good reputation you’ve established and the sound judgments in handling financial matters will pay off. Pay attention to this month’s many social happenings that can introduce you to people of high status. Get involved!

TAURUS  4/21-5/20  Start the New Year off on the right footing. Now is the time to wrap up any important matters that have remained unreasoned. A period of confusion, delays and miscommunications can occur after the 6th. Don’t panic. Use this off time to catch up or consider your game plan. Relationships both personal and professional may be sensitive or noncommittal, forcing you to delay or take a new approach.

GEMINI 5/21-6/20  Being flexible and letting go of former methods may be necessary this month. February is the first month of this year to have Mercury going retro (6th-31st) for three weeks, and it’s a blessing in disguise. If you’re expecting to travel or present a project, better reconfirm your reservations. You’ll have to use your verbal charm when approaching clients. That weekly planner could be altered day by day, so be adaptable.

CANCER 6/21-7/22  The year started off with a New Moon, indicating a 12-month cycle of major changes throughout the world that especially affects businesses and governments. For you, it continues an expansion of opportunities to form new associations and partnerships. This is the month to start a new venture or put an idea into play. Be prepared to make some last-minute alterations at the end of the month. The week of the 17th may prove to be challenging, but you’re up to it.

LEO 7/23-8/22  February proves to be socially, politically and romantically orientated. No excuses for not getting yourself involved and becoming more knowledgeable. This can be a productive time with numerous events to attend. Your personal appearance and demeanor is vital to successes. With a planet going reverse for about three weeks, you too may be in a type of reversal.

VIRGO 8/23-9/22  Keeping abreast of the newest trends and fast-paced changes in your profession is a strong requirement this month and will continue to be. Utilize the technical information readily available on the Internet and social media. Despite how well-organized and detailed you are, glitches to your schedule may bring frustration. This “do it over and over again” theme could occur frequently.

LIBRA 9/23-10/22  This year continues to bring challenges, major decisions and (for some) a career change. Events will be topsy-turvy and unexpected! February highlights interactions with others in a more social setting and relaxed atmosphere. Expect a whirlwind of events to fill your calendar with meetings, seminars and business networking activities keep you on the go. Your diplomatic talent is put to good use!

SCORPIO 10/23-11/21  You’re still dealing with restrictions and learning curves for a bit. Some leftover issues need to be approached and taken care of. Personal achievements and plans could be delayed or changed this month. Finances may slow down, but it won’t put you in a bind. Be conservative in all business matters. Settling of your home or a family matter may take priority now. A type of reorientation relating to your work may occur. Go with the flow and don’t give up. Success is waiting in the wings come April/July.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21  You have a tendency to overdo or put too much energy into things at times—not a bad trait, but one that can be counterproductive. A bit of downsizing later in the month could be necessary. Some stress or interferences that you cannot control could have you wasting your time and efforts. On a more positive note, use the last half to reconnect or revitalize accounts. Mixing business with a bit of one-on-one social rapport can work wonders.

CAPRICORN 12/22-1/21  January was an excellent month to launch a new venture or start a new job. This month is even more favorable. This whole year puts you and your profession or business in the spotlight. New developments in the area will require you to be more effective in the social scene—and it’s important to make yourself known and form alliances. The first half of February is ideal for getting more involved.

AQUARIUS 1/22-2/18  Venus appears in your own sign this month, encouraging you to be more reliant and put your own interests and ideas ahead of others. Do what you do best: mix and match. Your office politics and genuine community interests are a magnet for attracting others. Take advantage of the month’s energy to accomplish what you set your mind to. Circle the 13th as ideal for a presentation.

PISCES 2/19-3/20  Work issues may need more clarity or research, but you’ll meet the challenge. A cavalcade of political changes affecting work issues requires a realistic approach to the first quarter of 2014. Although new restrictions and political confusion will keep most of us in the dark, you’ll be informed and ready to tackle opportunities that come your way as your own personal cycle starts on the 19th and continues into the weeks ahead.

Weiss Kelly is a professional astrologer based in the Scottsdale Airpark. Voted to the board of the Professional Member American Federation of Astrologers, she is available for personal/business forecasts on CD, as well as speaking engagements for business and social meetings.

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