Editor’s Note

Destination Dining

Niki D’Andrea – Executive Editor

Anyone who flies out of the Airpark frequently has probably heard of the “$100 hamburger.” Private plane pilots and their passengers fly from one airport to another and visit an eatery not far from the runway, and hamburgers are a popular nosh. The burger might really cost only $10 on the menu, but by the time one figures in the aviation fuel, flight time and operational costs it took to get it, it might as well be a $100 hamburger. For years, there’s been a small subset of “foodie flyers” around the Valley that set their destinations by their stomachs, going to far-flung regions for famous French fries, the perfect pizza and $100 hamburgers.

Many people who literally fly to lunch or dinner know about the growing, glorious glut of dining options in Scottsdale Airpark and the surrounding areas. There are tons of concepts here spanning a gamut of cuisines. There are family-owned restaurants, old-school delis, breakfast and brunch places, famous steakhouses, fine dining palaces, even good ol’ greasy spoons.

It’s destination dining, and Airpark has arrived. This issue is our inaugural Dining Guide, in which we fete the fantastic food and beverages that fuel the Airpark. The 53 restaurants in our Epicurean Airpark feature (page 22) represent just a small fraction of what’s happening in the Scottsdale culinary scene. In our story Elevated Spirits (page 32), we toast some of the many magnificent places to imbibe in wine, cocktails and craft beer. And to stay fresh on Scottsdale’s food-and-beverage news, we’re introducing a new regular component to our Dining Destinations section in this issue called “Small Bites” (page 56), in which we dish the latest news.

Hungry for eye candy? Check out the sweet 1929 Ford Model A that’s been in Scottsdale architect Michael Higgins’ family since 1937 in this issue’s “My Ride” feature (page 61). Or peruse the familiar faces in our expanded “Around the Airpark” photo gallery. It’s high season for high-profile events around town, and we snapped several shots at the Goodguys Spring Nationals car show, Celebrity Fight Night, Dinner of Champions, Scottsdale Forward and the Smart Funding Summit. The gallery starts on page 44.

It’s all fun. And not quite as filling, or as far away, as a $100 hamburger.

Niki D’Andrea
Executive Editor