Editor’s Note

When It Rains…

Niki D’Andrea – Executive Editor

The water on Greenway Road just off the I-17 was up to my father’s knees by the time he pulled me from the backseat of our submerging station wagon and placed me on his shoulders. I was not quite 31/2 years old, and small for my age, so I held onto his shoulders as hard as I could, afraid the wind was going to blow me away, and sideways, too, the same direction it was pushing the rain that whipped our cheeks. As my father struggled to wade through the rushing, muddy flood, I looked around and saw water pouring down the freeway ramps, people pulling other people out of their cars and stumbling toward the meager shelter of the underpass, palm trees beat into a blur of flailing fronds against a dark gray sky, a street light flickering ominously. It was January of 1980, during one of several deluges that hit Central Arizona in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It remains the most apocalyptic thing I’ve ever seen in Phoenix, and watching newscasts about the incredibly devastating floods in Florida and Texas brought that night back to vivid life for me. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma stirred some memories for Scottsdale historian Joan Fudala, as well, as she recounts in this month’s “Remember When” column on the history of Scottsdale floods (page 43).
Speaking of history, Italian restaurant Veneto’s Trattoria marks a milestone with its 20-year anniversary this month. Writer Wynter Holden visited to preview the special anniversary menu; you can find her assessment on page 52 in our ever-expanding dining section. This month in dining, I also caught up with rock star restaurateur and philanthropist Sam Fox (page 47), and Christina Fuoco-Karasinski visited Café Allegro at the Musical Instrument Museum, which has become a great lunchtime spot for locals (page 50).
Since this is officially the annual “Health & Wellness” issue, our food coverage also includes five of the healthiest places to eat around the Airpark (page 30). When ready to burn off those calories, exercise options include “hot spin” cycling (page 34) and programs at a crop of new fitness facilities (page 26).
Now that we’re starting to get fall weather, the arts season is picking up, as well, with outdoor movies and concert series popping up all around Scottsdale, including the “Sips and Sounds” series, which kicks off this month with Urban Electra (page 41). At a time when torrential downpours are ravaging other parts of the country, we’re lucky to be flooded with sun and culture. Might as well get out there and enjoy it, as healthfully as possible.

Niki D’Andrea
Executive Editor