Driving FORCE

Driving FORCE

A man’s first car fueled his passion for his business

By Octavio Serrano

Dan Warner fell in love with German vehicles when he was a teenager working for his uncle to save money for his first car.

“When I was 16, my uncle was a brick mason and he told me if I worked for him all summer, he would help me get a car and, of course, I wanted a little Porsche,” Warner says.

Following his passion of mechanics, Warner opened Exotic Motorwerks in 2002, an auto service shop that specializes in Porsche and other German cars at 15035 N. 74th Street, Scottsdale. It is his passion for Porsche and mechanical work that makes Exotic Motorwerks stand out.

“I’m the owner and I’m actually working in the shop and I really love the cars and I really love the German stuff,” Warner says.

The Oregon native moved to Arizona to attend Universal Technical Institute. He had his sights set on becoming an engineer, but a career choice quickly changed his mind.

“I’ve always been very technical. I was actually going to school to work toward my engineering degree and I was working at a shop part-time,” Warner says. “The owner asked me if I wanted to take a semester off and earn extra money, and I said ‘Sure, I’ll do that. I’ll take a semester off.’ That was 25 years ago.”

Warner graduated from UTI in 1992, with a perfect attendance record and a grade-point average of 4.0. He worked at an independent Porsche repair shop until 2001, when he decided it was time to branch out on his own.

Warner says he has always been very particular when it comes to mechanical work and cars. He wants thing “just right.” Because of this, he took it upon himself to bring the Valley a repair shop that goes beyond expectations.

“I wanted to bring a little higher level to the repairs, so I went out on my own and started my own shop,” Warner says.

Exotic Motorwerks offers, among other things, engine diagnostics, engine overhaul and rebuild, performance upgrades, belts and hose replacements, brake and clutch service, light fabrication and welding. It also offers more common services like lube and oil change, A/C service and tune ups.

“If your older Porsche needs an engine rebuild, we can do that. If it needs an oil change, we can do that. We have a broad spectrum of services,” Warner says.

Although Exotic Motorwerks’ team has 25 years of experience working on German cars, its relationships with the customers and the team’s work ethic are what makes it a unique shop.

“I’ve worked on each car as if it were my own. The focus is on the customer and not on how much money can I make,” Warner says.

Exotic Motorwerks prides itself on being “fair” with customers. It provides a service that is honest and transparent, so customers know exactly what is happening with their cars.

“We just try to be really fair. I think building those long-term relationships that can last decades is really cool,” Warner says. “It’s nice having that rapport to cultivate friendship with everyone we’re doing business.”

As the owner, Warner says he is regularly in the shop working on the cars, making sure customers are well taken care of. He says his priority is to strike a balance between what’s best for the car and the customer’s wallet. 

“I think the No. 1 thing they’re going to notice about me is the level of honesty and transparency that we have in every interaction,” Warner says. “When I moved into the building, there was a wall between the shop and waiting room. Now I have a window that’s 12 feet long and 3 feet high so the customer could see right into the shop and see the car.”

Warner says Exotic Motorwerks will continue to be a strong presence in the Valley as the go-to place for German car repairs and service.

Regardless of the type of car, however, Exotic Motorwerks’ priority is to keep the customer happy and always break expectations by going “above and beyond.”


15035 N. 74th Street, Scottsdale

602-820-2685, exoticmotorwerks.com