Coffee 101: Press Coffee Roasters offers ‘Coffee 101’ classes on specialty beans and brews

Coffee 101: Press Coffee Roasters offers ‘Coffee 101’ classes on specialty beans and brews

By Becky Bracken

Peach. Pencil shavings. Peanut butter cookies. Are any of these flavors you regularly taste in your morning cup of coffee? While maybe not exactly descriptive of your mama’s Maxwell House, the experts at Press Coffee Roasters want coffee fanatics to truly experience the depth and variety of flavors in their beans. So on Saturday mornings, Press offers a “Coffee 101” tasting at Sorso Wine Bar in the Scottsdale Quarter reminiscent of the same sophisticated approach applied to wine tasting.

On a recent Saturday morning, Press Roasters’ Operations Manager Andrew Robertson didn’t just provide a thorough education on the origins of coffee and how it’s roasted and brewed to perfection, he also showed a table of coffee lovers the expert way to sample some of Press’ most popular brands. Hint: you can best taste the coffee when it’s slurped, loudly, from a spoon.

“You’ve got to get plenty of air mixed in there,” Robertson said before taking a long slurp of Brazilian coffee from Press, the same roast served to lucky Grand Canyon University Students on campus.

“We want to taste peanut butter cookie in this one,” he added. Which, surprisingly, it did.

Think of the coffee at Press Coffee Roasters like the craft beer of the java world. Robertson explained that Press isn’t competing with Folgers or even Starbucks.  “People who buy specialty coffee want something really different and special,” he said.

Press represents what Robertson calls the “third wave” of coffee. The first was mass production and marketing that brought coffee into homes. The second was the expansion of coffee shops. Press and its third-wave brews search out the very best beans from all over the world and roast them lightly to enhance and bring out their unique, complex flavors.

Robertson also shared his own expert tips and tricks for brewing the perfect cup at home with the class. Scottsdale Airpark coffee lovers interested in learning more about Press specialty beans and brews at a Coffee 101 tasting can visit