Caught You Looking Good: Food. Art. Beauty.

Caught You Looking Good: Food. Art. Beauty.

El Panzon y Frida grand opening celebration marks Frida Kahlo’s birthday. 

Photos by Kimberly Carrillo

Who knew tacos could be so… stylish?

El Panzon y Frida held a celebration in honor of the new restaurant’s space on July 6, which also fell on the birthday of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, for whom the hip eatery is named. We stopped by to check out the new addition to the Scottsdale food scene and were treated to a feast for the eyes, every bit as much as the palate.

Looming over the action is a beautiful, hand-painted wall mural of Kahlo tailor-made for Instagram. El Panzon is a term of endearment used by Kahlo for her artist husband, Diego Rivera, and means “pot belly.” The menu was created by young up-and-coming Executive Chef Paulina Martinez, who says she is inspired by Kahlo’s journey and life’s work.

James Dye and General Manager, Joanna Leeds, take a quick break to pose for a photo.

Brian Kohl loves being surrounded by the beautiful ladies.

Frank Beltran has a blast with everyone.

Annalisa Rios and Conrad Pena excited to try a yummy dinner together.

Brittany Pirulis and Alex Meland enjoy drinks together.

Monique Mata and Jose Rivera try some red ride and props.

Tim Blankenship Dj’s for the grand opening.

Yummy drinks were served for guests attending the Grand Opening.