Building  Charity

Building Charity

Fred Bueler sets solid foundations at work and in lives of children

By Alison Bailin Batz


red Bueler grew up playing on a Ping-Pong table that was almost completely covered in Lego.

“I was building from a young age with Lego, but had no idea that doing the same thing, albeit on a much larger scale, would be my future,” Bueler says.

He saw the building process firsthand thanks to his father, who owned a construction company in his home state of Missouri. In February 2001, he moved to Arizona to attend school at ASU.

“As you can imagine, I immediately decided to trade the snow for sunshine,” Bueler says.

He majored in civil engineering with a concentration in construction, but first he signed on for five internships. His final one was with Foursite consulting, who hired him.

But when Bueler joined Foursite in 2006, no one could have predicted what would happen over the next 18 months. The once-bustling Maricopa County hit a complete standstill. There were no building projects. Commercial real estate was nearly at a complete standstill. There was barely any work of any kind.

Enter Chasse Building Team.

Through Foursite, Bueler hired Chasse — then a startup contracting company — to build a small retail project. Shortly thereafter, work in the development industry dried up due to the recession. 

However, Foursite had a solution.

Foursite agreed to “trade” Bueler to Chasse for about a year while everyone navigated the next steps of the recession. A year turned to two, two turned to four, and so on.

Now, life for Bueler is still all about Chasse, not to mention the chase. Chasse will be honored in September as Most Admired Company in Arizona by BestCompaniesAZ.

He and his wife, Joelle, have three boys — Freddie, Lincoln and Jackson — all younger than 6. Given this, the couple’s personal time is spent chasing them down for snacks, storytime or sports.   

“The biggest chase these days: chasing them down in an attempt to get them to nap,” Bueler says.

Unlike 2006, there is no chance to nap at the office, however. As Chasse’s project director, he is busy with 130 team members and dozens of Arizona’s biggest construction jobs. In the North Valley, he notably had a hand in Town & Country Shopping Center, Scottsdale’s Cheyenne Traditional School and Phoenix’s Madison Meadows Middle School.

“We have about $300 million in projects — from schools, multifamily projects to a state-of-the-art animal shelter — under construction right now. Many of them with Foursite consulting.”

He also carves out time to chase other people’s kids while on the job.

First, in 2016 he provided several years of service to the Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club, where he chaired Brokers for Kids and Agents Benefitting Children, two of the organization’s biggest events.

The philanthropic and social club is comprised of up to 50 men younger than 40 who have raised millions of dollars for Arizona nonprofit organizations through its three fundraising events: NiteFlite, Brokers for Kids and Agents Benefitting Children.

“Scottsdale 20/30 Club differs from other service organizations in that it not only raises money for children’s charities, but also encourages positive interaction with the charitable organizations the club supports,” Bueler says. “This active participation serves to strengthen relationships and create a true partnership with its charity partners.”

Beyond 20-30, Bueler is also actively involved in one of Chasse’s biggest philanthropic programs.

“To enhance the construction process on school campuses where we are working, we engage the actual students through educational classes, interactive demonstrations, presentations and tours,” Bueler says.

He serves as volunteer chairman of a STEM-based Chasse program, which allows students to learn about the construction process and the industry career paths and have firsthand experience on the construction of their new school.

This program inspired Bueler to get more involved in supporting teaching and mentorship.

“In 2017, I joined the Scottsdale Charros,” Bueler says. “Our mission is to serve as Scottsdale’s goodwill ambassadors while raising funds via Spring Training and other outlets so we can make annual grants and donations to organizations in need with a clear focus on education.”

Just some of the ways Bueler and the Charros assist:

The Future Teacher Scholarship: each year, two scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate outstanding achievement in academic activities, as well as non-academic activities, during their high school years.

Education Grants: The Charro Education Grant is intended to provide financial assistance to Scottsdale Unified School District schools for projects, equipment and programs related to the classroom, athletics or infrastructure that are not funded through traditional streams. 

Outstanding Student and Educator Awards: Once a year, the district’s principals select their individual school’s outstanding educator of the year. Additionally, the high school principals select an outstanding male and female student of the year.

Scottsdale Community College Scholarships: each year, the Charros award a two-year scholarship to a graduate of a district high school.

Bueler is set to continue the Charros’ critical work, while kicking off a new school year of STEM education with Arizona districts. His team will also complete educational construction projects for Frank Elementary School, Desert Oasis Elementary School and Perry High School in the coming months.

“Just as soon as I chase down my kids for those naps, of course,” Bueler says with a laugh.