Blade Runner: Tony Turchetta turns pen-collecting hobby into a business

Blade Runner: Tony Turchetta turns pen-collecting hobby into a business

By Octavio Serrano

Carefree resident, Tony Turchetta, had a successful insurance career for 30 years, when he gave it up to follow his passion: pens.

“I collected pens and, about 20 years ago, I started making pens and then I started making pens under my own brand name,” Turchetta says.

The move made sense. Turchetta loved to collect nice pens when he worked in insurance. After three decades, he was ready to elevate his hobby and profit from it.

“It’s a hobby that got out of hand,” Turchetta says with a laugh.

Eight years ago, he founded Penchetta Pen & Knife, located in The Promenade. Pens sell anywhere from $4 to $5,000. His favorite is the Pilot Vanishing Point, a “perfect fountain pen” with an 18-carat gold nib.

“We try to get most people involved with fountain pens because it’s the easiest thing to write with,” Turchetta says.

Most of his pens are discounted. After a while, the pen-obsessed Turchetta developed a knife collection.

“We expanded our knife collection because we found our pen customers loved knives, and I collect knives as well,” Turchetta says.

Penchetta Pen & Knife’s knife collection ranges in price and style; collectibles, throwing knives and heavy duty are included. Through the years, he expanded further by selling his shaving brushes, razors and kits.

“We started selling men’s shaving products because I got bored of making pens and started making shaving brushes,” Turchetta says.

In addition, Penchetta Pen & Knife offers a wide collection of air guns and rifles. Its collection includes air guns from Sweden, England, Germany and Austria. The pellet rifles, Turchetta says, are perfect for competitive shooting.

Turchetta describes Penchetta Pen & Knife as the “ultimate men’s store.”

“If you’re looking for a gift for a man, no matter what you buy in here, they will love it,” Turchetta says.

Eventually, however, Turchetta would like to retire and spend time with his family.

“I’ve played with pens and knives for 20 years and I want to play with my grandkids now,” Turchetta says.

Penchetta Pen & Knife

16211 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite A3, Scottsdale