APRIL Business Horoscope

By Weiss Kelly, PMAFA

Whether you’re a small-business owner or have other career aspirations, insights into how the planets influence your work month can help you plan for maximum performance and project success.

ARIES 3/21-4/19 Everyone has a special time of the year, and for you this is the month when a progressive surge of energy and motivation encourages you to set definite career goals for the next 12 months. This lies in cooperation and collaboration with others from now until May. Expect some conflicts to arise, including important financial issues (around midmonth). Decisions now have far-reaching consequences. The week of the 8th is busy and rewarding.

TAURUS 4/20-5/20 An eclipse in your own sign this month emphasizes your work and public status, demanding your attention and response. Consider green (money) your word of the month. Work-related social networking is a requirement. Make yourself known, seek out like-minded persons who can expand your area of operation. What you learn now will serve you well next month. Progress can be made the week of the 21st to the 30th.

GEMINI 5/21-6/21 Associates are particularly receptive to your ideas and presentations. Career or business headaches involving finances or related to a recent collaboration with a partnership may take until the end of the month to get settled or adjusted. Commit to daily communication at all levels—paperwork, situations, authority figures, etc. Make a priority of what is personal to help stabilize other areas of your life.

CANCER 6/22-7/22 Watch this month for a career or job advancement. The eclipse, Full Moon and New Moon gives you a six-month window of opportunities and changes. Efforts or plans may not unfold as expected. World events continue to put the business world in a state of flux; expect a correction in the market and slowly increasing interest rates.

LEO 7/23-8/22 You may have to be more practical the next two months in your spending and financial projections. An early confrontation could occur, meaning you’ll encounter resistance and have to try harder. Take a give-and-take approach, as a partnership could be tense. The second half of April is less stressful, and new opportunities open the last week.

VIRGO 8/23-9/22 April’s patterns require you to focus on reorganizing your thoughts, words and image so you can move ahead with little interference by midmonth. Relating to others in a more personal matter requires compromise and a less critical approach. You can repair misunderstandings or mistakes easily. Travel may be necessary. Circle the week of the 21st-25th as highly successful and personally rewarding.

LIBRA 9/23-10/22 April puts more emphasis on your interactions with others. Mars in your own sign continues to make you more assertive and less willing to give in to the demands of work-related issues. Expect opposition or challenges to continue, but you can handle them. Attention switches from confrontations with colleagues to more mundane matters. The second half of April, an important agreement can be finalized with a little bit of compromise.

SCORPIO 10/23-11/21 No doubt about it, 2014 is the year to reshape your world (and that is exactly what you may be doing financially by the 30th). Pay greater attention to details. Organize, prioritize and establish some order in you own personal world. Developing situations this month will have you ready to address major changes that alter your direction. Lingering issues (mostly money) surface by midmonth. Gain control and move forward the week of the 21st.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21 Collaborative actions are highly favored this month, and the urge to travel intensifies. Be more open to new ideas and doing things in a different way. April is a dynamic time to get things done, provided you take into consideration the needs and requests of others. Your challenge is to practice moderation—from purchases to “business” luncheons. Work on achieving harmony with coworkers.

CAPRICORN  12/22-1/19 Social changes in your work world has a strong effect on your business. April bustles with financial matters. A move of some kind is highlighted but not definite. A career/business project you’re involved with requires more time for contemplation. The later part of April is more active and productive.

AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18 You can accomplish more this month than you did in March. A more practical approach to finances is a must. Social relationships and business overlap this month: there may be a seminar, meeting or networking event you should respond to, especially on the 15th and 29th. Make new contacts and get active.

PISCES 2/19-3/20 You still have a lot going for you in April. Watch your budget, as expenses and spending may cause tension. Distance travel could be on your agenda by the 19th. Expect contracts or an ongoing project to be delayed until later next month. Demands and challenges start to ease after the 22nd.


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