A Patient Advocate

A Patient Advocate

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Dr. Amir Emami is a strong believer in preventative medical care, something, he says, some men don’t take seriously.

“My biggest challenge is getting people to realize how important it is to engage in preventative care by getting their annual physical and preventing problems before they become problems, or before they start spiraling out of control and become more expensive for the patients,” Dr. Emami says.

Therefore, on May 1, Dr. Emami opened his medical practice, Men’s Health Care, in the Scottsdale Airpark to care for this underserved medical population. Social programs offer reduced-priced exams for women and children, but not for men, he says.

“I understand health is their priority, but for a lot of men, it’s their budget,” Dr. Emami explains. “They’re often the providers for their families and they’re the ones who usually make sacrifices for their family’s dollar to stretch farther/further.”

He has seen men hesitate to seek medical care, but Dr. Emami wants them to realize obtaining medical care can be easier and less time-consuming than what they are accustomed to.

“Even though it’s easier said than done, we need to regain balance between the way we eat, sleep, exercise, work and meditate/pray,” says Dr. Emami, a board-certified doctor specializing in internal medicine and a fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Internists.

Dr. Emami also strives to provide affordable care. He doesn’t accept health insurance. Instead he keeps his prices down.

“We welcome all male patients however we focus on trying to provide medical care to patients who either don’t have health insurance or who have health insurance but with a high deductible,” he says.

“The prices we offer are lower than many of the deductibles out there. We’re proving day in and day out that medical care—quality medical care—does not need to be expensive.”

Dr. Emami has spent years planning to launch his practice, Men’s Health Care.

Dr. Emami graduated from The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania, and did undergraduate work at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“As I went through my medical education, I became more fascinated with the clinical challenges of providing medical care to patients, especially in the field of internal medicine,” Dr. Emami explains.

“In contrast to many other medical specialties, we have to deduce what the problem is by speaking with the patient, ordering tests and examining them.”

His colleagues call him a “doctor’s doctor” because they feel confident about referring family and friends to him. Dr. Emami regularly reads medical articles about diet and exercise and works to empower his patients.

Dr. Emami explains internal medicine is defined as the medical specialty that provides nonsurgical treatment of illness in adults. Doctors specializing in internal medicine provide medical care and treatment with regard to a large spectrum of medical issues and often serve as primary care physicians. Dr. Emami also offers urgent care medical services.

“I’m a strong advocate for my patients,” he says. “I’ve done a lot of research about the cost of health care and I have found those costs are unnecessarily high. By cutting out the middlemen including administrators and facility fees, we are able to provide affordable care plans to our patients.”

“Even though people pay for their health insurance, a lot of them have a bad taste in their mouths because they’re paying a lot of money, yet they have that barrier in the form of a deductible and then a copay. That makes people wonder what they’re paying for in the first place.”


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